10 things that make me happy…

of course there are more than just 10 things in life that make me happy, but here is a random list for this sunny saturday…….

just because…. :-)

1.  the 5 minutes in between my snooze alarm and the next ring

2.  reaching into a winter jacket pocket on it’s first time out of the closet and finding a $20 bill

3.  how excited ella is when we come home. and she’ll be just as excited the next time too…

4. a clean apartment

5. the flicker of lights on the subway tracks after waiting for 20 minutes for a train

6. sewing endlessly on my pink vintage necchi

7. prospect park. just can’t get enough of it!

8. my backyard in summertime

9. all things french (including my hubby of course :-)

10. the holidays!!!

happy saturday, i can hardly believe that thanksgiving is next week! how time flies when you’re having fun (oh, and also when you’re busy ;-)

xo c


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