puppy love :)


ella, our (almost) 1yr old rescue pup loves the snow. when i hear people tell me ‘my dog hates the snow’, i have a hard time believing them…people will find all kinds of excuses, huh….?

taking ella to the park is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. off-leash at prospect park – bring it on! ….if only it didn’t start and end so early, 5am – 9am isn’t exactly easy for this slumber-loving human. even though it’s difficult for me to crawl out of bed, it’s always worth it…i love seeing her turn into a clumsy goofball out there in long meadow.  like a deer she hops over mounded snow, swooshes it around, bats at it and eats it. the world is her oyster…

on the lazier days, we stick to our backyard – not quite the same as prospect park – but for her, just as fun…and somehow, every time, she manages to find a new stick.  why do dogs love sticks so much? it’s too funny…..i swear someone is hiding (more like hoarding) them. i’m still not sure where they all come from…that little sleuth.



and at the end of the day, this energetic pup is exhausted…..time for a snooze, eyes almost closed :) sweet dreams little puppy…..



2 thoughts on “puppy love :)

  1. Carla

    I love this post!!! Truly, if we contrasted it with Bosco in the snow, you’d see the differences right away. Shivering, lifting paws out of the snow, the attempt to fool me into going back in after a very small pee, sitting on our heat grates as soon as he comes back inside.

    Silly Florida dog with short fur…wishing he enjoyed the weather as much as Ella. Summer is Bosco’s season. He bakes himself in the sun to the point that his little belly is sunburned. Do they make doggy sunscreen?

    Anyways, I love that dogs teach us to slow down and live in the moment. We’re currently experiencing Snowmaggedon ’11 and where is Bosco? Curled up under a blanket, snoozing away. Hmm…sounds like a great idea.

    xoxo Carla

    1. sans map Post author

      …ahh, that’s too funny! that silly bosco – he has a pretty good excuse – – he grew up in florida heat!! …if he lived here, i bet he’d love the snow as much as ella does too! :)

      …there is this amazing little boston that we always see at the park that reminds me of bosco…he loves (is obsessed with) playing frisbee in the snow! it’s so cute :)

      …i hear snowmaggedon ’11 is in full force & is really going to hit KC hard! stay warm!! :)


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