…you know that saying ‘your eyes are bigger than your stomach’? …take that same phrase and apply it to the context of tasks.

to be specific, tasks that i’ve taken on recently. i guess you could say at some point i committed myself to too much.  simultaneously, my mostly-busy-but-not-crazy-job has spiraled into a frenzy of frantic work and is now slightly-out-of-control-organized-chaos. but that too will pass…my subconscious is telling me to count to 10 and take deep breaths.

doesn’t this seem to always happen at once? when it rains, it pours. it happens to the best of us…

the first thing i did today when i got home was grab the dog and i immediately headed out for a soul-reviving run. i love that running is such a good outlet for stress…calms the nerves, loosens up the brain and not to mention my dog is now soundly snoozing…

after a decidedly crap day at work today, i realized (and have been recently recognizing) that i need to say ‘no’ more often.

‘no’ mr-coworker-who-can’t-add-columns-in-excel-and-wants-me-to-do-it-for-him….i will not re-do all the formulas in your spreadsheet and add columns and re-save and send to the other mrs. coworker because you are on your blackberry and can’t open the file. i’m not your personal assistant. i know i have done it for you before, and that i have mad excel skills, but no.

do it yourself. it’s easy.

it’s tricky though, right? there is a delicate balance. in some way, shape or form – sometimes saying yes will help me further down the line. but tipping the scales to doing too much for others and not enough for me is counter-productive in the now. today. as we speak.

so if i politely tell you ‘no, i’m really very sorry, i cannot do that for you/with you/in place of you’, i’m counting on you to understand. i’m turning over a new leaf and drawing my line.

…and maybe it’ll give me some time back and i can daydream of the ocean…if even just for a minute :)


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