Sans Map studio revealed !!

A rather uncharacteristic and hasty decision that I made a month ago put keys in my hands to a new studio space. No longer confined to working out of my apartment with distractions-a-plenty, I now have a space I can call my own.

…i think i’ll change that ol’ saying to “haste makes waste-not-always”. it was the dreamer in me giving my calculated and mostly-careful self a big kick in the ass. (and it worked!)

The building:

My studio space is nestled on the 3rd floor of an industrial building in Crown Heights (which is the neighborhood just next to me, literally 4 blocks away) in Brooklyn, built in the 1880’s – formerly occupied by Budweiser Brewery, later home to many businesses including Heinz (57 varieties) and a locker metalwork manufacturer, it was most recently Monti Storage and Moving. Remnants of the days gone by are still visible on the front of the building (that, and a healthy dose of graffiti).

It was bought by a local company in 2007 and renovated to be a completely ‘Green’ building. The roof is fitted entirely with solar panels and 4,000 sq feet of green roofing landscape (native plants, grasses, etc.) – the solar energy powers the entire building electricity – and from what I understand, then some. The heating is low temperature radiant floor heating using energy efficient condensing gas boilers. Eco-friendly and salvaged materials and low VOC paints were used in construction of the building. And get this – rainwater flushes our toilets!

I found a really interesting article that says this building was (and probably still is) a leader in commercial solar panel roofing with a net-metered system – which actually generates electricity for our building and puts some back into the grid. In 2008, it was the largest commercial solar panel of it’s kind. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out the article:

The studio:

I have my own space within a huge studio that I share with several other creative-types ranging from painters, graphic designers to writers and video game creators. It’s a very calm space with super high ceilings, two large windows along the back wall which is all exposed brick. I spend evenings and weekends at the studio and as of late have had the place to myself. Normally only one or two other people are there at the same time as me which is totally fine either way because everyone is extremely friendly.

Here are a few photos:

(psssst – did you notice something else that is different? how about that handsome juki industrial walking foot sewing machine you see!? i’ve only had it a couple weeks, but i think i’m in love. it’s

Until next time my lovelies!!

xo c


4 thoughts on “Sans Map studio revealed !!

  1. mom

    Yea!! You’re back… and with a new look too.
    Your studio space looks awesome and super organized!
    Good things lie ahead! xo

  2. Carla

    Ohmygosh! The studio is a perfect fit for my most eco-friendly gal—seriously, a sign from the universe that you were born to sew. Keep up the good work. I love watching your business evolve.


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