you are unlimited.

…that is what my yogi tea tag said to me. I like it. It’s a positive phrase that can mean so many  things to different people; and for me, it’s filled with hope. Or maybe it is just the ringing in of a New Year that always brings sentimentalality…

The sidewalks are quiet, the leaves still rustle about and squirrels hop from tree to tree in search of the ever-elusive nut.  There is no snow in sight. It’s winter here in North Carolina, my new home.

Leaving Brooklyn wasn’t easy. I played things out in my head for weeks and months and doubted the decision to move too many times to count. NYC is a place that can be so easily loved and hated simultaneously. But once we were gone, after all the boxes were unpacked and sorted and when Brooklyn seemed far, far away, I felt a sense of space and calm that I haven’t felt in a long time. The daily demands of a job in Manhattan, the commute, the long hours and fierce competition had been dragging and picking away at me for years; my heart was never in it…My studio space had been long gone for months, my supplies boxed up in storage and rent was getting steeper by what felt like the minute. In all certainty, something had to give…

In my lifetime, I’ve called nine different cities home, spanning across 2 continents, 4 countries, 4 states and 30+ years. Brooklyn was different though, and you become a believer. I always thought we would stay, I did. At some point though, we lost sense of what it was all for and perhaps a tiny peice of my subconscious self always knew the truth anyway.

So our wallets lighter and our senses confused we’re gone from a place we loved, but knew could never last, and it was for all the right reasons. Our feet landed firmly on this southern soil, we’re excited and oh so happy to be here…what will happen next?

If you are still here with us, thank you for believing in us. We believe in you.



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