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Urban Composting

This was originally posted on May 19th on www.thenewnew.blogspot.com where I am a contributing writer……

The rain showers here in NYC haven’t let up in what seems weeks. If you are anything like me, your overall summertime morale hasn’t benefited from all this precipitation, but the flowers, gardens and lawns sure have. My own urban garden is growing so fast, lush and green it’s amazing!
Gardening is one of my favorite DIY hobbies. Such satisfaction from planting tiny little seeds, taking care of them, feeding the soil and watching everything grow! I used to think I didn’t have much of a green thumb, but those days are a changin’ my friends. Like anything else, the more you work at it the more you learn over time.
After covering the basics, the next logical step in my gardening journey is composting. For some reason composting had always intimidated me, I have always felt that you have to really ‘know what you are doing’ to get results….I sort of chuckle thinking about that now, because it’s actually pretty easy. You throw stuff in a bin, mix it up once in a while and you get beautiful lush fertilizer. It just takes a little elbow grease and patience (and of course knowing your ‘greens’ and your ‘browns’)! Not only is it organic, it reduces your garbage output and it’s totally free.
Urban composting can be done indoors or outdoors in various different ways, in small spaces and large. You can make it work for you, your lifestyle and your space. To fend off my composting fears (like how do I prevent a stinky bin, what about rats and flies and stuff…?) I attended a composting workshop held by the Lower East Side Ecology Center (through the NYC Compost Project). It gave me the confidence to go for it on my own and have been working mine for just over a month now!

My metal compost bin + what I added today (before it got a good stir!)

Don’t have enough space, time or resources to compost yourself – but want to put your organic waste to good use?
Several of the city’s Greenmarkets are running a pilot composting collection program. You can save your compost materials (like your veggie scraps, coffee grinds or eggshells) and bring them to the collection site. Did you know that over the past nine weekends they have collected almost 50,000 pounds of food scraps in Brooklyn and Manhattan? That is a ton of waste being kept out of New York City’s garbage turned into useful nutrients.

Even if your urban garden is your windowsill or your fire escape it’s enough space to have a DIY garden all your own. Carve out a little piece of green :)

Happy gardening!

Useful composting resources + links for NYC residents:

Now go out there and get your hands dirty!!

Until next time…..

hanging out on the island this weekend….

island? huh….?

governor’s island. i’m jetting over to this historic island, just a mere 800 yards from manhattan and even closer to brooklyn. it used to be a military base back in the day and is now a protected public park.

as part of Yelp’s Summer Camp Series paired with the {NewNew} and Etsy, i’ll be leading a crafty how-to session with meli (of meliannaa) and jen (of mellowbeing) on how to make a sailors knot bracelet.

photo courtesy of simone (of groundsel)

can’t make it to nyc? check out etsy.com and the how-to tuesday tutorial:

etsy.com: How-Tuesday: Sailor’s Knot Bracelets

check out some of the event write-ups!!

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we expect it to be a fabulous day, what better excuse do you have to leave the city (and come on, still be so close) and explore a beautiful and historic island. and you’ll get to go home with a bracelet…..!

hope you see you there!!

Yelp Summer Camp: Crazy Crafts with the {NewNew} and Etsy!
Saturday, July 17, 2010 – 2pm – 5pm
Governors Island
New York, NY 10004

when the grass is green on both sides…

4th of july weekend, it’s hot outside, everyone is happy and we were ready to go! on a whim, hubby and i booked tickets for the talented house music producer dj extraordinare little louis vega‘s annual boat party dance ritual.  boarding was at 7:30 – pushed away from the shore – with a cool beverage in hand at 8pm sharp. now, please, this is not one of those ‘booze cruises’ you remember from your crazy college cancun adventures. this was chilled out, dancing and house music vibes.

we pulled away from the shore with the most magnificent view of manhattan – glorious view from the hudson river listening to chill beats and dancing. all the way north under the george washington bridge, gently turned back….crusied along the shoreline past the statute of liberty, the brooklyn bridge, manhattan bridge all the way to the pepsi-cola sign at the long island city shore. then it was all the way back again….nice.

the views were stunning. the music was extraordinary and the atmosphere was unforgettable.

dancing in the moonlight under the brooklyn bridge……

up early the next day, we trekked out with close friends and sisters to the hamptons.  haa haa – i know what you are thinking.  let’s just say that i am pretty sure in order to truly fit in in the hamptons you have to drive a range rover….should i keep you guessing on that one?

blonde-haired-gucci-bag-toting-range-rover-driving  aside, this place lives up to its name in beauty. a mere 2 and a half hours from nyc itself (and several pit-stops due to a motion-sick puppy later) and we were there!!

a wonderful weekend with good friends, great weather and yummy food. what more could one ask for than the beach on a hot sunny holiday weekend?!

the hamptons looks good on ella…

our weekend was both exciting pure new york city adventure and relaxing countryside beach getaway. we love our city life in brooklyn but cherish a quick getaway in the country. who says you can’t have a little bit of green on both sides?

maybe therein lies the secret……..

falling into place

the first official day of winter was yesterday. and whoa, it came in gusts and flurries!

as though the sky opened up and dumped it’s entire snow-filled contents of each and every cloud around, we have snow!! last year for christmas when i was in france, i didn’t see snow….well, in person at least. and as much as i could easily (very easily)  live without snow, i really love a white christmas. there is something folkloric and magical about a snowy christmas…..

again in pseudo-tourist new york fashion, (i know…i actually live here now, but i still feel like a tourist……) we visited rockefeller plaza…the magnificent and stately christmas tree downtown! a blustery stroll through central park, all the while teeny tiny snowflakes dusting the ground…this was just a few short hours before the skies opened up.

today was an enduring trek through the concrete jungle, wiping slush from my jacket and watching millions of particles of salt form a ring on my boots……we trekked out to red hook, a neighborhood far south in brooklyn, to a strangely located home depot and then around the bend to IKEA.

wandering through the overwhelming assortment of various flat-pack furnitures and coordinating housewares, we left with the first few items for our new place. some curtains, matching hardware and some other bits and bobs. and yes, we finally have a place of our own again…..sheesh, it only took a year.

we’ll soon call prospect heights home. situated just south of fort greene and clinton hill and just north of park slope, prospect heights is a lovely spot for us to start our new life in new york city, well…in brooklyn. and once the thick layer of snow melts away, we’ll be left with a garden. an actual backyard garden, all to ourselves, right here in the city.

we couldn’t possibly ask for more :-)

i can hardly believe it’s almost christmas, only two short days away. i have a borderline pathetic habit of listening to way to much christmas music around the holidays…i just love it, so cheery and fun. (hey, it’s cheesy. i know this.)  i even find myself whistling along to holiday jingles in stores. which i would assume is rather annoying to those around me. i must remember to shut up and zip it….! but this year will be a christmas spent with just me and the hubby – our family will celebrate in far away christmas spirit in the mid-west and the south of france. we do have a christmas eve dinner planned that my sister will attend just before she’s off to the mid-west on christmas day. and yes, i will probably make her listen to christmas music. just for a short while…

so as the snow falls around us glistening and white, dusting the ground with beauty, many other things are falling into place with it. it’s been a long year my friends. an adventurous, exciting and may i say…lucky year. but now, after this year of misadventures and discoveries, all we want to do is snuggle up on our couch, our own couch, and relax.  in our home sweet home.

my friends and family both far and near, i wish you nothing but the happiest and most joyous christmas ever. i am sorry i cannot be here, there and everywhere all at once. although it is a secret wish of mine….

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

and with that falling snow, may everything here continue to fall into place…

hugs to you, to you, and to you!! xoxo